“Over time, we have seen many teachers who with little or no TV production experience or training suddenly being put in the role of creating not just a curriculum, but in some cases an entire production facility,” says John Churchman, publisher of School Video News. “One of our primary goals is to help teachers expose, train and nurture an on-going technical competence and understanding in those students that demonstrate an aptitude and interest in TV production as a possible career after graduation.”

This Broadcast Technology curriculum project corresponds nicely with all standards. All four goals are addressed within the curriculum, as a journalism and technology course by its very nature involves research, synthesis, and technology competency, oral, visual and written communication. In addition, many of the activities rely heavily on shared task completion. The nature of the topics chosen by the students will also determine other cross-curricular applications of the curriculum goals.

Most of the content in SVN MEDIA SKILLS includes a lesson plan, curriculum, or a project from which students can learn, or exercises to hone their skills. In addition to the basic material, we have strived to include relevant reading material that will expand their knowledge or experience base.

Either in the form of articles or mini-projects or video tutorials developed by educators or industry professionals, these are all readily available to you and your students.All text material can be printed out for classroom hand-out use.

All material can be shared via email.

Utilizing the resources of SVN-TV, we have linked to an extensive library of tutorials created by industry experts and educators. In some cases, we have also featured student-created content that has been developed as part of a class project or assignment.

Where practical, we have included a list of possible test and quiz questions from which you can select content based on what you have covered in class.

We have also offered pre-configured material that is ready for use. Simply print and use.

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